The Wedding Feast nears!

 The Bridegroom will arrive at

 the appointed & prophesied time...

YOU are cordially invited

to attend and celebrate the

7-day Marriage Feast of

the Lamb of Yahweh -

the Prince of Peace and

King of kings:

*Yahsha the Messiah*

and His Royal Bride! 


Time:         Commencing sunset September 26, 2026

Occasion:  The Hebrew Feast of Tabernacles

Place:        The Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel



*Above is the true pronunciation of Israel's Redeemer

as opposed to William Tyndale's 1526 invention "Jesus Christ"


"To realize that Gabriel's Key unlocked the mystery behind Daniel's Final Prophecy to unveil a secret timeline is truly amazing!  With this book, we have access to the Year of Blessing and the Great Wedding Feast which will change the world as we know it!...truly amazing!

                T H E   B R I D E G R O O M   R E T U R N S   2 0 2 6 -
                   Gabriel's Key Unlocked the Temple Mount Timeline 

    Thousands of years ago, Yahweh's humble servant was interpreting dreams for the great kings of world history, and Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon was amazed!  This Torah observant Jew named Daniel the Prophet reverenced and obeyed the king of the universe - the Creator Yahweh - the same Mighty One of Abraham, Isaac, and Yaaqob.  Then Gabriel imparted unto the  prophet what I call "Daniel's Final Prophecy" (Daniel 12:11-12).  Gabriel sealed the prophecy's interpretation and understanding not just Daniel, but from everyone, including the Messiah himself, and the angels of heaven!   The interpretation of this final prophecy was ordained to be unveiled in the last days - at the time of the end!  Yes, with the opening of the First Seal of Revelation 6:2 on 9-11-2001, since then, this understanding was granted by the Archangel Gabriel the Messenger of Yahweh.  Within this book you will discover Gabriel's Key which unlocked the mystery behind Daniel's Final Prophecy.  This key revealed a secret timeline which has never been seen before!  The Year of Blessing is now being announced to the world - especially to the Bride of Messiah who must be purified and prepared for the Bridegroom's return 2026.  See for yourself the undeniable proof!  This is the most exciting information to be learned at this time.  The Great Tribulation and World War 3 is about to break out when "nation rises against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" (Matthew 24).  This Book provides hope for those who survive the judgments to come.  Just as this website offers you a personal invitation to the Great Wedding Feast 2026, this book provides the same with the backing of incredible historical facts which cannot be denied. From Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem to the prophetic fulfillment of the construction of the Islamic religious shrine - the Dome of the Rock, you will behold the power of prophecy and the power of the Creator to choose the future home of His very Throne on Earth - the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel.  Yahweh's plan will be fulfilled and there is nothing Satan can do to stop it.  The Kingdom of Yahweh will prevail and the wicked will not participate!  2026 will include the binding of Lucifer for 1,000 years to free the Earth and humanity from all wicked interference.  Peace on earth will become the reality - the paradigm shift which even the New Agers admit is coming...


READ this book NOW, and learn what the Church refuses to see - prophecy unfolding before your eyes!  Click on the eBook to the left for your FREE complimentary copy in PDF file format of this amazing First Edition.  This newest publication by Two Witness Ministries is available in FREE eBook form, as well as glossy Paperback thru  Please consider making a donation to help us reach the Bride of Messiah!

Thank you for your support!  Shalom ~ Ambassador Beniah  

Revelation's 1st Seal  
Opened on 9/11

That tragic event of September 11, 2001 was the trigger that OPENED Revelation's First Seal and unveiled the identity of the Rider of the White Horse - Daniel's "king of the north" ie. the President of the United States and leader of NATO forces

Order the book NOW:  The Rider of the White Horse

In the name of


The Prophet Daniel's

"King of the North" (Dan.11:40-43) 

is also Revelation's Rider-King

who "Goes forth conquering

and to conquer" the Middle East,




downloadable pdf files


Many more incredible revelations are available for study and distribution to the remnant of these last days. PDF format for easy download and printing.

INVITATION DOWNLOAD PDF Print & share the good news to all creation


Finally, the Wedding Invitations are going out to all mankind in these last days!  The date has been set! Don't forget to bring wedding gift to Bride & Groom!

the harvest is plentiful but laborers are few


Servants Needed ASAP...Fulfill the Great Commission and assist the Remnant of YHWH in spreading the Good News!   Make the choice today!

King James I ordered an english version (KJV)

which would "do away with the Law" of YHWH

because of his appetite for the sin of sodomy!

Scholarship confirms the facts of history

which reveal that the original Apostolic 

writings contained Yahweh's Great Name!

Wicked men have hijacked the Word of YHWH and

turned it into a lie...lies which have removed the power

to destroy the works of the devil.  Help us restore His Word!

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Yahweh needs volunteers who will pass out Wedding Invitations.  So much to do in so little time.  If you can volunteer for this once in a lifetime opportunity, please contact us today!





Understand why the demons tremble

and how the Nephilim will be judged! Majestic 12 & the New World Order

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Understand why North Korea is being set up by the New World Order to trigger WW3.  Trump is last President.


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